Dianne K. Graebner

costume designer   jewelry designer   milliner


The Odyssey Theatre

Los Angeles

directed by: Robin Larsen

set: Tom Buderwitz

lights: Leigh Allen

sound: Chris Moscatiello

photographer: Enci Box

cast featured: Susan Sullivan, David Selby, Deborah Puette, Lily Knight,      O-Lan Jones, Mark Costello


"If ever there were a production design “dream team” combining talents for a Los Angeles 99-Seat Plan production, producer Ron Sossi has brought together that team for A Delicate Balance. The white-on-black silhouettes of Tom Buderwitz’s nifty scenic design suggest refined ‘60s/‘70s elegance to perfection as do Dianne K. Graebner’s terrific costumes, both designs with exquisite subtlety by Leigh Allen. (The fadeouts are particularly stunning.) Christopher Moscatiello’s sound design further adds to the moods being set by director Larsen and company.

Steven Stanley- Stage Scene L.A.

"Dianne K. Graebner's costumes add class and distinction to the characters"

Theatre Times

"Tom Buderwitz’s clean set design and costumes by Dianne K. Graebner embrace the play’s 1960s milieu, which is appropriate. Their work is nicely complemented by Leigh Allen’s subtle lighting and Christopher Moscatiello’s sound."

Kurt Garner- BC blogcritics

“A superb design effort—Tom Buderwitz’ set, Dianne K. Graebner’s costumes, Leigh Allen’s lighting, Christopher Moscatiello’s sound—supports the cumulative impact of this thought-provoking and heart-wrenching exploration of humans adrift in a sea of political and personal calamities.”
Les Spindle – Frontiers

by: Edward Albee