Dianne K. Graebner

costume designer   jewelry designer   milliner


The Colony Theatre

Burbank, CA

directed by: Saundra McClain

set: Charles Erven

lights: Jared A. Sayeg

sound: David Mickey

hair: Rhonda O'Neal

photographer: Michael Lamont

cast featured: L. Scott Caldwell, William C. Mitchell, Karan Kendrick, Shon Fuller, Joy Brunson

(west coast premiere)

"Enter the home's owner Evie, JP's long-absent ex-wife. And what an entrance. Played to the hilt by Tony winner L. Scott Caldwell, Evie arrives as a force of nature, dispensing enormous charm and clear-eyed wisdom (with somewhat declamatory excess) in equal measure. In contrast to self-effacing, soberly dressed and coiffed Ann and Lena, Evie is loud, she has big natural hair and she's a free-spirited vision in beautifully draped tunics and trousers, layered with scarves and shawls. Costume designer Dianne K. Graebner captures the fashions of the 1970s with a variety of character-defining outfits and outdoes herself with the vivid ethnic fabrics and jewelry that make up Evie's flowing ensembles."
Lynne Heffley- Glendale News-Press

"Dianne K. Graebner's costume design is spot-on with authenticity."

Eric A. Gordon- Peoples World

"Outstanding production design, able actors and compelling dialogue indicate an abundance of talent behind what I learned in Paris..."
Jordan Riefe- Hollywood Reporter

by: Pearl Cleage