Dianne K. Graebner

costume designer   jewelry designer   milliner


Circle X Theatre Co.

Atwater Village, CA

directed by: Jeff Liu

set: Sibyl Wickersheimer

lights: Tom Ontiveros

photographer: Shane William Zweiner

actors featured: Silas Weir Mitchell, Elizabeth Ho, Warren Davis, Anna Douglas, Ross Kurt Le, Jully Lee, Alex Levin, West Liang, Johanna McKay, Gary Patent, Jack Sochet, Lisa Tharps, Richard Azurdia

(world premiere)

"The magnificent designs are a major boon to this amazingly ambitious project, namely Thomas Ontiveros' masterfully atmospheric lighting, Sibyl Wickersheimer's sprawling set—almost a character in itself—and Dianne K. Graebner's authentic-looking costumes."
Les Spindle- Backstage

"Jacobson’s ambitious retelling leads him to present a cast of 14 playing well over 40 roles. He illustrates the remarkable diversity of the population at the time by having his actors adapt a bewildering array of accents, nationalities, and peculiarities. The excellent and complicated staging is by Jeff Liu with superb design work from Sibyl Wickersheimer (sets), Thomas Ontiveros (lights) and Dianne K. Graebner (costumes)."
Trevor Thomas- Edge media

by: Tom Jacobson