Dianne K. Graebner

costume designer   jewelry designer   milliner


The Colony Theatre

Burbank, CA

directed by: Karen Carpenter

set: David Potts

lights: Jared A. Sayeg

sound: Drew Dalzell

photographer: Michael Lamont

cast featured: Charlotte Cohn, Tyler Pierce, Jeff Marlow, Marcia Rodd

Handle With Care
(west coast premiere)

"The costumes (designed by Dianne K. Graebner) reflect the simplicity of life in Good View, Virginia and the congenial eccentricity brought by the two Jewish Travelers. While Josh wears a plain flannel, and Terrence proudly  sports his simple DHX uniform, Edna shines in a variety of bold silhouettes of blues and greens, and Ayelet wows in her transformation from loose fitting clothing into a daring and sexy red dress."
Rachel Mattieu/Julia Stier- Neon Tommy.com

"Marlow, a member of the reduced Shakespeare Company, mimes laughter with deft strokes as the play's dunderhead comic relief, but deepens the character with an authentic sweetness. Terrence's pride in his uniform – bright yellow and red shirt, khaki shorts and winter parka, courtesy of costume designer Dianne K. Graebner – is downright endearing."
Lynne Heffley- Glendale News-Press

"Dianne Graebner deserves credit for costumes, Drew Dalzell for sound and Jared A. Sayeg for lighting design. To put you in an ecumenical holiday mood, see this show!"

Ingrid Willmot- Willcall.org

by: Jason O'dell Williams