Dianne K. Graebner

costume designer   jewelry designer   milliner


Virginia Stage Company

Norfolk, VA

directed by: Saundra McClain

set: Harry Feiner

lights: Jared A. Sayeg

sound: David Mickey

hair: James McGough

photographer: Samuel Flint

cast featured: Cheryl Freeman, Travis Pratt, Andrew Wheeler


Dianne Graebner’s costumes work very well: Hayes is in white tie (with or without coat) from beginning to end, which can get a little confusing but eliminates time-consuming costume changes. A blue infinity scarf serves as Angel Mo’s vest or shawl, and the once-elegant antique white lace-up shoes are perfect for the character. Unobtrusive lighting and sound work nicely together to support the story.

M.D. Ridge- Artsong Update

by: Daniel Beatty